Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas Comes early!

I follow an excellent blog called A Challenging Sew. Leisa's reports on her trip to Paris with Susan Khalji is to drool for (go look, it's worth it), and her work with Marfy patterns has been really inspirational. Check her out. Great tutors and sew alongs. Today she brought me an early Christmas present! I won a lovely bit of Chanel trim! What an amazing gift! Now the lovely boucles aging in my stash are all calling out "pick me" as they sense some soon upcoming action. After Christmas, please. For now I will just check the mail box about 3 times a day. Even on Sunday. Just in case.

I have been working on Christmas presents. I often don't have a recipient in mind. I just make things I would like. Today I am sewing up Purl Soho pups. Little tweed pups put a smile on my face. The pattern fits together well and the instructional sequence makes sense. When you make little stuffies, these things are important.

I was working on Kathyrn Brenne's purse pattern, recently released through Vogue. Beware! You must use leather (or something like it) for all the outer pieces. I tried to get away with fabric for the main panels. It worked, but took a lot of luck and I'm not real happy with the results. I'm sure I saw an article by Kathryn on how to make this bag. I can't say the Vogue directions were much help. It's going in the 'give away' basket.

I went to a Lucy Neatby knitting workshop recently. She talked about how some people write patterns and some people write patterns to sell magazines, yarn, product. When I look at most of the independent patterns I have used lately I must say her point is well made. The directions are so well laid out and detailed. The cut of the patterns is unique and pieces fit together. The authors are a pleasure to deal with and so enthusiastic.

So, after fussing through the Vogue bag I went back to my pattern stash and tried out the Caliti Clutch. It's a free pattern from Sew Sweetness. Much better, thank you. I've tried several of her patterns and find them all to work well. In fact I just signed up for the Bag of the Month club on the ams site. I get a new bag pattern each moth for 6 months. Some of the designers I have sewn before. Sounds like fun!

Sorry. No pictures. Presents should remain under wraps. I will take pics and post them later.

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