Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Home Again

And we are home.

I no longer wake up at 3:30, hungry for breakfast. Thats a relief. My eating habits are somewhat back to normal and that's a good thing, as we no longer walk 20,000 km a day.

This week we went from summer to fall. All the leaves are busy tossing themselves to the left and to the right. My garden is more of a compost pile. The deer ate the tops off everything so it's a bit of a treasure hunt out there.

I have my 2 sewing machines back from their respective 'day at the spa'. It's too hard to let them out of the house so I try to do it when I am away. They came through the experience well, with a few worn parts now replaced. Don't you wish your body was that easy? I could use some new joints and some tightening of saggy parts.

I'm sewing up the latest bag from my Swoon Vintage Collection. It's a cute bag and I need a lunch bag. It seems wrong not to have one. I have some vintage looking laminated cotton and thought it would be just the thing for the inner and outer layers. My lovely Pfaff did something I've never seen (or rather heard) it do before. It farted!

There is no other better description. As each stitch progresses through the feed dogs the cloth squeaks on the machine bed. However, it sounds just like a row of perfect little old lady farts!I am using a teflon foot and the stitches are just fine. We just fart our way through each seam.

This is new for me. Very new. Makes it hard to concentrate.

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