Tuesday, 29 September 2015


More train today! We love the train. We even have our fav ticket agent.

Off to Bristol. We got off the train and strolled down the walk a bit to the harbour. You catch the ferry there. Neither the harbour or the ferry are like home. The harbour looks like a big river. It had the second highest tides in the world (we have the first) but they dammed it all off to control that. If they let the water do its natural thing now the city would collapse. The water pressure holds it together.

The ferry is a little open boat that pulls up, you wave them in and jump on. A young man took our money and as the boat was almost empty he spent the 20 minute ride giving us a super tour and loads of tourist info and maps, etc. worth the day right there!

We did the aquarium and the M Shed. The M is a wonderful mish mash of local history and social history. Free and very well done.

The ferry and train home was equally fun. Dinner out at a local watering hole and my first taste of sticky toffee pudding.

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