Friday, 13 May 2016

The Annual Family Picnic

Just heard knocking on the window. A duck. I don't know if it was picking the bugs off the windowsill, or asking for a corn refill. Either way, we both got what we wanted.

I miss the dog. Angus was so much fun! Now, mind you - let's not forget that 10 days is a reasonable commitment when you are talking dog. Those things need a great deal of maintenance! I loved every minute, but on the 11th day, I rested. Here I am resting prior to the 11th day. It was an enforced rest.

I have to make a list of what to sew. Every time I go to the 'makery' I am overwhelmed by the possibilities. So much fabric, so little ability to not start and stay with one project at a time. And then, why do I care about that? Why do we put pressure on ourselves to complete projects or make 'good use of our time'? Mind you, I do need clothes. Maybe it's not me doing the pressure so much as it might be my closet. Ah! I do have a boss - and it seems I bow to the hanger. I'm good with that. 

Oh, and the undie drawer seems to have an issue with me too. I am a woman with many bosses.

On Mother's Day the sisters and I had the annual Mother's Day Picnic with my mother, her mother and lots of other family members at the Chester graveyard. We spread out the picnic blanket, open the snack and wine and have a proper family time. Mom likes a nice glass of wine, so we pour her a sip. The same man we met there last year drops by and offers to bring the wine next year. He's visiting the wife. We make a date with him for 2017, Mother's day at 1 pm. This all makes sense to us. It just feels right.

Although I could never explain to anyone outside our immediate family why mom has yet to get a marker with her name - we all understand. It's been 9 years. She might get her marker this year. Maybe. It's an act of great love and respect on our part to honour the family tradition of procrastination. It's what we do, but only when wildly inappropriate and yet fitting into the family criteria.

Oh, and there was an almost albino blue jay at the picnic. White with a few black streaks in its tail. It hung around for a while so we got to enjoy it. Neat!

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