Monday, 20 June 2016


I looked out the window around supper tonight. That's when you check on the cracked corn before the ducks arrive for their nightly feed. The single girl arrives first, and then there's a flurry of 5 that circle the yard once and then land with a crash.

I look out - and there is the single girl - trailed by the seven most obedient, adorable little ducklings ever! When you get ducks in a row, you just know! Sorry, no picture of that.

I sent DH out with a scoop of our finest feed. The little ones turned up their cute little bills but mom had a good meal. I think the little ones are still on soft food. We would be feeding the school ducklings cracked corn by now, but wet. These guys had other ideas.

Next the gang of 5 arrived. She could see them coming and moved her flock off a bit. The others gave her a nod and took over the food. Mom headed her group down the yard and we followed. There were a few tense moments as we stopped traffic, but the crossing was successful.

I can say that AFTER we decided that 7 did reach the other side, even though DH only counted 6. Mom counted them after they cleared the ditch. She would know. DH and I searched the ditch and stream just in case. People never know.

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