Sunday, 10 September 2017

Namaste Everyone

Where have I been?

I don't know. Just here and there.

The garden overflows. I got cherry tomatoes everywhere! The pressure is on, however to produce several good size squash as awards for the October car rally. I did this a few years ago and it was well worth the fuss. I have a few contenders.

I have a niece and then a nephew getting married over the next month or two. One of the weddings will be in Fort Myers - currently being destroyed by Hurricane Erma. They have 6 weeks to get cleaned up. I have 6 weeks to make and fit into a new dress. Should be the same sort of work involved.

However I only have 2 weeks before the niece gets hitched. That outfit needs to get a move on. The sewing room is in a terrible state of disarray, so I need to clean off some space and get to it. Better idea. Can I come and sew in your sewing room?

And what do you get the young couples of today? They already have their homes set up. Both have limited space, so the gift needs to be thoughtful and designed to fit into their carefully orchestrated lives. Money would probably work, but it seems so cold and rather ho hum. I'd always rather make something, but I want them to like the 'whatever', and that puts pressure on me to get it right. I hate pressure. I prefer to make stuff and then offer a choice of gift - or not. Then both giver and receiver have no pressure and much more fun. I make a basket of gifts for events and let those who would like to pull one out. Maybe I need a basket of wedding gifts. There are 13 nieces and nephews. Hmmm....

I am trying yoga this fall. I did not know the warrior had so many positions! Happy baby pose was also completely new to me. The class is great so far but full of these radicals who want to start a petition for a change of room. Something about not being able to breathe. I'm just keeping my mat in the corner and ignoring the crazy people. I have hips that won't move and a butt that needs firming. Namaste.

Sewers! Felting is the new thing. Melding and joining fabrics, embellishing, painting with wool - I am intrigued with the possibilities and I have a huge stack of wool waiting for some excitement in its life. I have an embroidery machine that will felt and a stand alone felting machine. I haven't used either. I want to take care of that problem very very soon. Perhaps a coat? Scarves? Bags? Cushions? Actually cushions might be a good way to start. I feel a basket of christmas gifts coming on?

Christmas. Well yes, I guess fall is here after all.

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