Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Shopping With a Non Sewer

Now I've seen proof that Karl Lagerfeld has a sense of humour. I went to The Bay yesterday to help a SIL confirm a dress choice. It was going to need some alterations and therefore my approval. As we walk through the store they have a section for Karl Lagerfeld designs. Out front is a cute rip off of a Chanel jacket. Does it count when a designer rips off his own designs? Now Coco would say that such behaviour is wonderfully reassuring, but I thought it was just funny.

She did get a great dress, and the shoes and clutch are like icing on the cake. The shoulders are out of whack and need something. Not sure what. They seem to be in a constant state of 'shrug'. Hopefully it won't be a difficult fix.

Now this was an expensive dress (now about 75% off). For those of us who sew, and love fine fabrics and great sewing techniques - it was hard to look at the racks. The overly exuberant sales woman was most keen to get me a dress too.  There was no way anything in that place was going to fit me. Well, maybe a cute loose fitting sweater I saw. Where does someone 5' tall with normal shoulders (for that height), a G/H cup size and hips that match my belly shop?

Pup tents, aisle 3!

A proper fit for me is not going to happen in a chain store.

So I really need some new clothes for the next family wedding at the end of October. I best get at it. I will also be packing a sewing kit with thread in the bridal colours. The last wedding saw me take in the bride's dress between ceremony and reception! It's not good when the bride's skirt falls down.

I wanted to stop the ceremony and get that done, but there seems to be a time and a place. She had a perfect attitude about it all. Look! I really did lose weight!

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