Thursday, 7 June 2018

A Sewing Mystery

Yesterday we bought a family year long pass to the provincial museums. Great deal, and we plan to do lots of day trips to check them all out. Today we went to the Fundy Geological Museum in Parrsboro. We took a guided tour of Wasson's Bluff dinosaur digs. There were 3 of us and 2 guides. It was a lovely day at the beach with lots of attention and information.

Pleasant drive interrupted by a stop at the Masstown Market for snack and a fruitful visit to the antique shops in Great Village. Wow! have they ever tidied those up and the displays are lovely. Well worth a visit. I saw several sewing machines and picked up this little mystery. It has few identifying markings to my eye. There are a few scratchings on the face plate. It's missing its shuttle and bobbin (I think). I usually prefer to buy only machines I have a hope of using but this one was really new to me and that makes it interesting, eh? If anyone can help me figure this one out I would greatly appreciate the help. Maybe that says The Lockman? 1860? But I don't see markings anywhere else.


  1. What’s amazing is how little the basic idea of the sewing machine has changed in all that time! 160 years....

  2. Your machine is a Lockman made by Wilson Bowman & Company of Hamilton Ontario. The company ran from 1868-1884. In 1884 the company was taken over by FW Willson formerly of the Gardener sewing machine company.
    The model was known as the Lockman Family Shuttle. Great find rare Canadian machine. Cheers Rob in HFX.