Saturday, 7 January 2012

The New Year

Today a friend helped me sort fabric into groups of 2's and 3's for a challenge with the sewing guild. She had such a wonderful eye for colour! Good thing, as I don't. Then I found out she is an interior decorator by training. We share a love of decor! Only she knows what she's doing! My DH and I are great worker bees and have some good taste I think. We have renovated, built or designed several houses and are working on the current house for the last 5.5 years.

I love this house. It has just the right feel. I loved it the first day I walked into it. I loved it standing in the back door. Even my real estate agent looked at me in eye raised disgust. However I do seem to have 2 different colour things happening. I love my DR and LR. I painted the walls purple. Call it what it is, I say. Those rooms makes me feel comfortable, clean, spring like, gorgeous on snowy days. Now most of the rest of the house has a warmer, orange brown feel. It seems that may indicate a split personality. Not sure I like that in a house. I've wanted to paint lately, and maybe this split personality is why. It's good to talk to a professional. They clarify the fuzzy parts of your brain. I've got to have that girl back!

Currently I have too many things on the go. I need to focus a bit. I don't want to drop any of the balls. I think I just have to be more attentive to scheduling. Right?

I'll let you know what gets dropped.

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