Monday, 23 January 2012

I require a bulldog, well mannered, with leash.

I walked in the park today. It was a gorgeous day with snow on the ground and sun on my face. I need more fresh air. I am indoors far too much. However, I was the only one in the park without a dog. Georges, the bulldog next door may be interested in the occasional sortie. I must inquire. It would be an excellent chance to practice my 3 words of French.

I got great feedback from the makers of my pattern drafting software (Wild Ginger) this week. I made up a new fitting garment and they give advice after looking at ugly pictures of me wearing it. Amazing service! Now I'm off to try a shirt with the new measurements. I promise to start posting pics more often. It's helpful to actually look at what I make in a picture. It's more critical than a mirror and I need to do a better job of looking at what suits me. Just because I love it doesn't mean it loves me.

I also had a problem with my ibooks app this week and contacted the app designers. They have been back to me promptly and are working on the problem - I assume. I sent them data to look at. Amazing how the internet has made customer service better and more personal in some ways.

I signed up for a Titanic project a month ago and it's starting up. It's the 100th anniversary of the sinking and this project involves making historically accurate clothing for that time. I get a different pattern each month to make up and I in return blog about the experience. There are over 300 people around the world involved, and we have a Facebook page. So far the clothing looks really interesting, and a lot more than I bargained for!

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