Thursday, 9 February 2012

Catching Up

I have 3 cameras, if you count my iPhone, and I do, and I lose track of what I put where. So here are some random pieces.

My brother bought me this yarn holder. Isn't it great! It's heavy so it stays put on the floor. The yarn stays put and there are holes or slots to feed the yarn through. Someone had their thinking cap on with this one!

This is my first sock. So lovely! Did I show this before? If so, needs to be shown again. Thank you Ginny!
These are my purse organizers. I need a new purse (s).
Fell over a chair while feeding cats at 5 am. Hence the leg. These are my first and ONLY pair of moccasins. It is like sewing cement booties. It took thimbles, many bent needles and strong pliers to get through the hide. They do feel like I'm wearing silk booties and make a soft protective  cover for the hand knit socks.

Luggage tags! This is what you do with fabric scraps. Just need to find a market and my stash will take another welcome hit.
 How's this for a weird shape? It's a Vogue Koos jacket pattern ( that looked interesting. My SINning group has a sewing day coming up so I got everything ready. The pattern calls for about 8 different fabrics - all tastefully coordinated on the pattern envelope, of course. I'm not good with fabric coordination. I also restricted myself to what I had on hand. You'll have to be the judge of how it turns out. The piece you are looking at is the front and back - the lining (or plain side) is all one piece, except for the sleeves - which are rectangular but sewn as a spiral. You really have to do it in blind faith, but I've done a dress of his before so I have the faith. 

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