Thursday, 16 February 2012

Loving My Heart

This is a link to a video called 23 and 1/2 hours. It's excellent! I saw it at heart nutrition class this week and it really delivers a good message in an entertaining and meaningful way. It's Canadian, eh? It is worth watching.

So at class I also signed up for a nutrition tour of my local Superstore. What an amazing service! I wandered the aisles of my own familiar store with a Nutritionist for over an hour - just the two of us. We talked about the specific things I buy, alternatives, labels - wonderful personalized service. Free! It's arranged through the  local Heart ReHab Clinic I attend with family members. And that's another wonderful thing brought to us free. If you do plan to make changes to make your health better, there seem to be wonderful things out there to help you along.

I miss bacon. A lot. Next Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday, and I'm planning a little reunion.

The trip sewing is going very well. Pics when DH gets home. I'm also auditioning shoes for the suitcase. I wear a pair for several hours and if my feet are still happy, they go on to the next level  - auditioning with an outfit. I have a lot of shoes. I love my shoes. DH is promising me a suitable closet organizer for my shoes. They tremble in anticipation!

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