Monday, 1 April 2013

Peep Show!

Peeps make a lovely Easter addition to hot chocolate. In our family an Easter basket may arrive on your doorstep on Saturday night. One arrived on mine, and it was complete with peeps! 

I have been sewing with a maniacal frenzy. We are going to the Dominican for 2 weeks and I was under the impression I had nothing to wear. As I have now checked, I can say I was wrong, but the frenzied need lingers. I tried to buy a beach coverup today, and couldn't. Home I went and 'whipped' one up that I like much better. I may need a 12 step program, or drugs. Or a vacation! That's it! I'll go on a vacation!

Of course we have a house sitter for the cat. This means I clean house tomorrow like never before. Damn. Really going to need this vacation. The MIL is coming! She's a very sweet person. I like her.

My new dress form has arrived. That will be my first sewing project when I get back. It has a cover that gets fitted to me like a sausage skin. I understand I need a lot of help with the stuffing. Should be interesting.

DH is out in the garage tonight. He spent the winter taking his 30 year old Porsche apart (and I do mean apart) and now it's going back together with great success. He is amazing, that man. Changing the oil would have impressed me, but he had to take it to a whole new level. It is a very pretty shiny red car. I can't wait for our first trip. 

I saw a 2 headed woman walking down the street. She had a little baby head behind her usual mommy head. Her baby was inside her coat and somehow attached to her back. The coat was the amazing part. It seemed to have a hinged part - with expansion pleats in the back to make a baby pouch. It looked as if it would fold up when baby wasn't there. Impressive!

Car update! The man is hoisting a brew to celebrate adding oil to the engine! If only he knew that's all it takes to impress me. I'm an easy woman.

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