Monday, 8 April 2013

Tequila Makes my Clothes Come Off

Do you know that song? Look it up. I've had a tequila night.

Our maid is a tucker. You have to pry your way into bed at night. However the chocolate truffle son the pillow do give you strength. DH gives me his share cause he loves me. Or knows what's good for him. One of the 2.

Something bit me at the pool just before dinner. I'm thinking spider. Right cheek. Yep, that one. It made a red spot. Very sore, but the tequila seems to have done some good there.

Someone got married on the beach today. It took 10 minutes and I marvelled that she didn't blow away. It's windy on most Dominican afternoons. Not my ideal wedding scenario. It happened in the middle of us beach bums. Some time this month the daughter of the resort owner gets married here. Needless to say people are painting and raking everywhere.

Now the wind makes for great bobbing. One beach is really pounded by surf and you can bob for hours. The shoreline drops off suddenly and coming back to shore can be a bit abrupt. If you miss your cue you face plant in the sand. That can be as much fun as the bobbing.

Now I need to put that tequila to bed. Night!


  1. I am officially envious. Of the truffles, the beach, the tequila, bobbing in the ocean. Not the spider bite, though.