Saturday, 6 April 2013

Dominican Delights

We are here. I never thought I would blog on vacation, but here I am as DH washes ff the day's sunscreen and prepares to moisturize.

Our room is so cute! We are on the top floor of the main bldg and all the rooms there re tucked into the eaves like an afterthought. I think they were. You take the elevator to the 4th floor and walk up.  The ceiling is white boarding directly attached to the roof like a cottage. Our deck is an xtenion of the peaked roof and very private. When it rains the tin roof is so lovely.

We got in late Thursday and there was food waiting n the room for us. Yum!

The sun is hot and the water is perfect.

Shirts and rum arrived for us today. They love us here and we love them.

Pardon the spelling. Tiny ants are all over my iPad and I find it hard to move the cursor. I've asked them to move on, but they seem to be Spanish speaking.

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