Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A Pox on My House!

My DH has the chicken pox. He didn't go though this as a child. I feel a bit deceived. Wasn't this supposed to be all done before his mom turned him over? Is there a backsies clause? I think I'll give her a call.

Actually he is holding up rather well. The only real problem is that he did scratch, and that wasn't a good idea. He also has the cutest pox right on his upper lip. It looks just like an egg tooth on a duckling. Trust me, NO kissing at all. He should be better soon. It's been raining constantly. I don't know if that's been a blessing for him or not. Not for me. I miss my power walks in the park.

This is why. So much to see.

I'm sewing lately. The BIL got new cushions for his fav chair. The nephew's children have quilts for Christmas (Yes, next Christmas). My dress form cover is almost finished. I need to sew for me.

The next part is for sewers. The rest of you wander off now. Get a snack or something.

Remember I was thinking about what features I might like in a new sewing machine? The quest for the perfect machine will probably be a long one, but I got a big help recently. My boss at Sew With Vision lent me a Creative Vision by Pfaff. It's her sneaky way of getting me trained on more machines.  If it wasn't stuff I didn't want to know, I'd ignore this opportunity. But I do want to know. And I can't imagine not staying with Pfaff. The IDT that acts as a built in walking foot is something I really depend on.

So now I have ready access to features I wanted to try out and evaluate with regards to my needs. Hmmm.... This machine also embroiders. That will be a whole other kettle of fish I think. I don't know that I will ever be an embroiderer. I am a sometimes quilter though, and the larger area between the machine needle and the machine arm on the CV is just as useful as I thought it would be. I slid the baby quilts in there easily and could move the quilt around easily as needed. Larger quilts will be bound up a bit I assume, but still with more room to manoeuvre than I have now.

There are a LOT of options on the CV. This means I have to make choices, and many of these choices are accessed via a touch screen. It's not my mothers treadle. I have to read the manual and grope around to do almost anything. Love the infinite choices available. Not keen on this learning curve. I was having trouble finding stitches I like because there are so darn many of them to scroll through. The divine P (my co worker) showed me how to save my favs in a folder. This is an extra step but I think I'll like it. It also saves the width and length of the stitch too, and I used to have little yellow stickies everywhere with that info.

Now I wanted to use this machine to free motion quilt the baby quilts. I couldn't get a stitch to form. P wondered if I had remembered to lower the presser foot. Home I went (I couldn't remember if I had) but that didn't work either. I'll check with her on Thursday. Operator error is the usual cause. But I do have my faithful Pfaff 2048 and I quilted on that. It was lovely. However, my foot gets tired with all that action. The CV has a start/stop button that would make his much easier I think.

So, as I get to know the CV I will review my likes and dislikes.  The CV features are available on most upper end Pfaff machines in different combinations. Getting to know this machine should help me sort through what I need in a machine.  By the way, no one at Pfaff has any influence or knowledge of my blogging and if they did my opinions would continue to be my own.

So what's on your perfect machine list?

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  1. My Top 10 in no particular order:

    1. Simple to use
    2. Reliable
    3. Makes GREAT buttonholes
    4. Multiple needle positions
    5. Zigzag
    6. Flatbed
    7. Good lighting
    8. Excellent stitch quality
    9. Stand up to daily use for decades
    10. Numerous useful presser feet

    Hope you're having fun playing with the new machine!