Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Life on the Urban Farm

The pox seem to be gone and DH is back to work. (Girls, know what I mean?) I have been working on a quilt I had tucked away in the midst of cutting. I wanted to cut out this other quilt but I think I left the notes for it at work.

I really need to stick with a project. This is what the quilt in question looked like when I dumped it out of the bag. How was I supposed to know which way was up? My notes gave 5 or 6 possibilities, and the final solution was not indicated. I am difficult to work with, it seems.

So I spent many hours yesterday and today working on it, and the beast seems to be taming. I will need more fabric and a few more blocks made, but it will start going together soon. I think I like it.

I also have pulled out a quilt top I made many years ago from a quilt top embroidered by DH's grandmother. Her work is lovely, but not square, straight and the embroidered squares needed to be supported with a lining. I took it apart and used butterfly material for sashing and such. She was a butterfly girl. Now I need to figure out how to quilt it, so it goes to work with me Thursday for opinions. 

So along with the quilt that needs to cut out from scratch, I have 3 quilts on the go. I'm a starter, that's for sure.

Rejoice! A groundhog has returned. I was on the phone yesterday when - what to my wondering eyes should appear? Yes, a little groundhog in the window taking a drink from a scuzzy bucket of rainwater and gutter parts. He headed to the pile of rotting wood behind the garage. I think he lives there. That pile hase been a groundhog fav for years, so we hesitate to move it. Good thing!

Night time has been exciting lately, and no - I'm not talking about that. I could, but I'm not.This is just not that kind of blog.

The highway directly behind us is closed every night and construction crews move in from 7 pm to 5 am.  They are paving and widening and things - it will take weeks. What this means to us is that as we go off to bed the trees behind us are lit up like aliens have landed, and the sounds indicate that indeed they have. Generators, trucks, back up indicators - it's a general voiceless hum. We have the windows open and we don't find it unpleasant, just different. There are enough trees buffering the sound so it could be thought of as rather soothing background noise. That changes at about 4:30 am when they start to pack up. This seems to involve a lot of banging and thumping. Aliens on the move, so to speak. 

Tonight I think we may use the air conditioning to keep us cool. 

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