Sunday, 29 December 2013

Happy Holidays!

It has and continues to be a lovely holiday. It's been snowing lightly, just like a postcard. We have been doing pretty well nothing. Oh joy!

But I did finally finish the big gift for the man. Yes, I built him a car. With lace. When I spied this beauty in a pattern book, I knew it was destiny. I started it in September and plodded on till just yesterday. I certainly learned a lot. People (you know who you are) said I could do it. People should have had more sense and kindness in their hearts. At times it was painful. If you look and think, is that right? It probably isn't. There are many mistakes, and I took out a lot of rows. A lot.

Enough whining. It's a perfect addition to his man cave plans. A volkswagen made in lace! It took me over 100 bobbins (other lace makers would say 50 pairs, I'm not one). I have it ready for framing now. He says it's too nice for the man cave. He is SOOOOO wrong.

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