Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My Toes

It was the first day of school yesterday - for everyone else but me. I had a bike ride, went for a pedi and had a marvellous coffee and croissant at a local shop. (Yes, I did gain a pound this morning. Damn croissant!) Decadent!   It felt slow and relaxing. I ran into a friend at the coffee shop who admired my retired status greatly. She had dropped 2 of 3 children at school that day and is at the other end of the continuum. I'm glad I'm me.

I am feeling a bit unprepared for things. The house is not tidy or organized and I am doing a major purge of my sewing room. You should see the stash of unfinished projects I am uncovering. It's either scary or exciting, I can't decide. Will I be feeling more settled and under control at the end of the month? Will it always be like this, or will I see the day when I just wake up to a tidy breakfast table, a perfect bathroom and only 1 craft project on the go at a time? Will the kittens ever learn to wear bibs and wipe their feet after leaving the litter box? (The kittens are 16.) Will the pheasants stop tipping the seed holder and pecking my potatoes?

I think a cup of tea would be nice around now, don't you agree?

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