Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Pain in the Butt

Ever so often this site has a new interface. Slightly annoying but easy to use as well.

I hurt my back. I was taking masking tape off a doorway I had been painting. Most distressing! I was on my way out to see Squid. Squid (http://www.tastysquid.com/) is a local and Amazing drum performance group that was performing free at a local outdoor shopping place. Instead, I got into my angel dress (no waistbands or other tight fitting areas) and iced. I am no fan of ice either. But! There was frozen yogurt in the freezer! That almost never happens and I made short work of the opportunity. I'll need to post on the angel dress when it comes out of the drier and I get a pic.

Now the night before I was out with the niece for part one of her stag. This was probably the calmer, more sedate night as her mother, future MIL and various aunts etc were included. The next evening was at a rented cottage with a more adventurous guest list, I'm sure. We began at her apartment and then offed to a downtown bar. It was lovely and they served me tonic in a tall glass. Yah! When you're the DD it always seems they serve you these teeny glasses and you just have to wonder why they bother. I like to order something pretty but....

Several years ago I lost my voice. No, I didn't yell it to death. I am too sweet to even think that way. Why would you even go there? It was a virus thing they tell me. After that I am not back to full voice but soft, with no ability to project. When you're in a noisy bar you need that ability. I have exactly 1 friend who gets it right. She just talks for me, and does it well, with attitude. I feel quite comfortable with her in a crowd. She wasn't there and it wasn't the same. I used to love going out with a group, but now it gets a bit lonely at times. Now, if you just stick to pleasantries and expected exchanges, everyone hears me. That's not me. However it becomes me because that's all I get across, especially after round 2. Anyway, she wasn't there and ordering had to simplify.

There! The oven just beeped and I slid buttermilk biscuits into the oven. They should be coming out just as DH gets home and he won't have any willpower against them. It's payback for the weight I gained from the frozen yogurt in the freezer. That'll teach him to mess with me. Almost as good as ham on sale. That again would be another post.

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