Friday, 23 September 2011


The wedding went well. I got to help dress the wedding party! Haven't you always wanted to do that? We met at the bride's house where there were girls in all states of unreadiness. The flower girl was in complete control and seemed to have a handle on what needed to be done, and the lack of time available. I was impressed with that one. I ironed the bridal veil and dress. No pressure there! Natural fibres wrinkle with reckless abandon. That was the compromise I made with that gorgeous Prada linen/silk blend. Worth it just to say Prada linen/silk blend, I think. I slipped her into that baby like it was made just for her. She was gorgeous, and I think she felt it.

Meanwhile, out with the bridesmaids (I didn't make those dresses but they were lovely) the invisible zippers were giving troubles. When I mentioned the invisible zippers at sewing guild this week, there was a collective gasp. They look wonderful, but they have a tendency to be weak and unreliable. It's just the nature of the beast. One of them split. I took it apart twice before finally just ripping out one side and sewing it back in. Poor girl! She was mortified!

However, It's not often that you are put in a position of trust like this. Buying a dress off the rack is a sure thing. Having your aunt make it just sounds risky. She trusted me to work with her and get this right, or close enough. Wow. That's quite a gift I got from her. And then I got to help with the dressing. I am humbled and grateful. That's a pretty special time, and I got to be there. And I was useful! Even better! I got thanked at the wedding. Never thank people by name in public - you know you'll forget someone and then there's hurt. The thank you wasn't required. I got my reward earlier. The sharing leading up to the day and on the day was better than any other thing you might try to do for someone.

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