Friday, 2 September 2011

Ears and Dresses

I'm painting the Hoe Hut. It is my graduation present from DH, his way of getting me out of the man cave garage. It huge and it has a loft. If I get really PO'd at him, I could move in easily. I must check the wifi tomorrow. I think it's close enough to the house.

Well, anyway I started out by spot priming the knots in the cedar shingles. I'm priming away, not unhappy as I have my itunes on, but it is one of those deadly boring tasks that have to be done. A mosquito comes by and is buzzing my ear. I swat, knock out my earbud and it nosedives for the shellac based paint. Damn! I have tiny ears and they reject the apple headsets and most other headsets as impossible to fit without surgery. I loved those earbuds. They suited my delicate and adorable ears perfectly. My ears may be one of my best features, but they can be somewhat Diva like in what they will or won't tolerate in or out.

So today I painted on in silence. Painting is the application of a full gallon of noxious sticky fluid in the thinnest layer possible. Now that is a ridiculous task. Needless to say I spare no finesse while painting and have much paint evident in various places on my person.

My lovely niece picked up her wedding dress. I miss that dress. It lived here for months while I worked on it, worried about it, sewed, basted, ripped apart, resewed - you get the drift. It is 3 metres of white Prada silk/linen, 3 metres of white silk taffeta lining, lots of spiral boning and tips (I'm getting good at that), horsehair, 25 satin buttons and button loops sourced off eBay, and lots and lots of thoughtful research into how to construct a bridal vision. Now it's done, and I miss the dress. It was like a little child, going off into the world to fulfil its destiny. I think it needs 1 more little hook on the back closing, but she sensed I wasn't wanting to give it up and ran for the getaway vehicle. I do get to see it at the wedding. Sniff.

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  1. You are ambitious! I hope you share photos of the gown here. I'd love to see it!