Friday, 16 September 2011

Yesterday, the niece who is getting married tomorrow, phoned me to say she needed a veil and now was the time to get this down. I think we both thought it might appear on its own, but it never did. She has been a relaxed bride but eventually the panicking crowd around you will bring anyone to a boil, and they kept asking about a veil. By the time she arrived at my house I had out all the white lace, edgings and tulle I could find. It was an impressive display, but of course! It also made me think of my own veil so I went on a hunt. Out came my veil, dress and I popped it all onto my dress form. Note the beanie hat with the veil. 

Now I was a lot smaller back in those days. I was 30 when I married but had just finished running a few marathons and playing soccer and canoeing, and I was thin. The dress will no longer button on the dress form. I had forgotten about the buttons. I had forgotten about a lot of details and it was nice to review. I love the crinoline and the train. Forgot the train completely! I do remember vacuuming bugs out of the crinoline after pictures in the back yard. I loved making that dress! It was the first time I worked with silk taffeta. I lined the niece's dress with the same silk. I also made my little sister's wedding dress once upon a time. I forgot about that too! The lovely thing about losing your memory is all these pleasant surprises!

So I sent her off with the beginnings of a veil. She needed a hair thing to attach it to, and then some trimming before I finish the edges, probably today, but the wedding isn't until 2 tomorrow, I think. Plenty of time! Her whole wedding is based on the concept of having friends and family contribute to give it meaning and a sense of community. I love it! She hasn't asked for anything much - just a little participation where you can. Different, and lovely. Hopefully I'll have dress pics for you all soon.

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  1. I love the trail of memories that hunting for an long lost item stirs up!
    Now you do know we all want to see your wedding photos now too! Enjoy the wedding!