Monday, 14 November 2011

Lace Making

I had my first lace making lesson today. It's fascinating! Somewhat like basket weaving with a big touch of square dancing thrown in. I'm using big thread as befits my total amateur status. Training thread. I'll practice my 3 routines this weeks and try to get more bobbins made. It seems I need about 50 million of them, and they all need beads in a loop on the end for weight and corralling when in transit. I'm using a training kit from the instructor right now, but I need my own stuff, and it is surprisingly doable if you don't mind doing it yourself. I don't. I also have all this neat thread and crochet cotton I have collected over the years. It seems like destiny, don't you think? I'll post some lace pics if it ever gets longer than an inch.

This is my new coat. I love it. Imagine a soft most pattable 100% angora coating. I found it at Value Village for about $10 and it is gorgeous! It took me forever to get the courage to cut into it. I took it to a group of sewers I meet with. We call ourselves SINners for people who Sew It Now, instead of putting it off, like we usually do. I got excellent advice and one came up with the perfect pattern. It is a bias cut with an uneven plaid. Nightmare! But the fabric is lovely to work with and after much consulting and help - here it is. It's funny. I imagine what I look like when wearing it, and this picture doesn't match my image. I'm much more glamorous in my head. Taller, slimmer and my hair is amazing! The wrinkles under my chin certainly aren't there. Oh well.
I also sewed undies this month. It was my commitment for the SINning group. I also did a pink rosebud bra, but as it is completely transparent I couldn't post a picture. As BE would say, "Think of the children!". I went with high waisted panties this time. I think they work better under a dress and now I can test the theory. I have to get my 'me' projects finished by the end of the month. Then I go to work on Christmas. I'm just going to make lots of fun things and then let my favoured few pick their poison. Thankfully I have flexible friends and family. Beats the heck out of wondering what people will like, and really I just have fun making what I like without worrying about wether it's practical or if indeed I need any of this stuff personally.

Tomorrow I go to my first retired teacher lunch. We do lunch I guess. Should be interesting. For me and for them I bet. It's hard to know what to expect, and I hope I enjoy. It's never fun to go to something all hopeful and then come away with no intention of returning because it really didn't make your cup of tea. I ordered the eggs Benedict, so I'm off to a good start.

Ah ha! I just had a thought. A nice scarf would gently disguise those neck wrinkles! Not that I have any wrinkles. I don't. Only through the camera's lens, that's the only place, and scarves are lovely. I'll need lots.


  1. Fantastic coat! And you are very brave for posting your undies online! ;-)

  2. Beautiful, beautiful coat! And your panties are gorgeous.