Sunday, 27 November 2011

I bought a faux tree and put it up. It needed a lot of fluffing, but now I have Christmas weeks earlier than before. I don't know how I feel about it yet. It looks fine, but faux. Decorating to follow soon. I do have an asthmatic cat. She hasn't sniffed it at all, so I assume it will be easier on her.

Yesterday I worked on a Little Black Dress with a group of like minded women. Mine is blue and yellow. It was most pleasant. At our first meeting we went through much fitting of patterns and muslins. This time we were working with the final fabric but still fitting and fitting again. What a difference it makes! People were really looking quite spectacular! The extra time is worth it. It's also wonderful to get feedback and help as you sew. We are all pretty experienced and just hummed along. I have a ridiculous number of seams and a very flexible silky jacquard fabric, so I seem to be fitting a moving target. But it's coming along and as I rarely make anything with a defined waist, I'm interested to see how it turns out. I have fabric planned for a little shrug like jacket to go over it, so I can cover up anything that is iffy, right?

DH and I are cleaning out the garage so he can work on the new race car. It's a Volkswagen Golf and is fully outfitted for Rally. It's so pretty! It requires a co driver and I am the designated CD. So far, that is. The race seats are so low I can't see over the dash. Pillows to the rescue! I also have to be able to read directions at exactly the right pace while not throwing up in my helmet as we round corners by sliding neatly into place at speed. Sounds doable, if I can just see where I'm going. We'll work on this in the winter and try it out with some tamer style non race rallies. Just have to replace those names on the side with ours and we're set. When you have been buckled in with a 6 point harness, going back to a lap belt seems really risky. Along with the whole idea of driving without a true roll cage. Today I proved myself crew worthy by asking what's that little part hanging down there for? It seems he had been looking for that part for 2 days. I truly have the knack.

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  1. Weird thing about a faux Christmas tree - you can become attached to it and think of it as another one of your Christmas decorations. When our first faux pine died after 20+ Christmases, the whole family mourned. We'd spent some good times around that tree. In fact, Daughter #2, toted the poor needle-bare thing home and tried to carry on the Christmas tradition with it in the place of honor. After 2 extra Christmases, it literally fell apart in her hand (extra branch anyone?), and her husband was finally able to convince her it was time to let it go...