Friday, 18 November 2011

Out with the old...

I finally got around to sorting through my closet. Out with the summer, in with the winter. Now this also meant looking at my winter clothing and realizing that my work clothes no longer have a place in my life. I had a few things that were really 'teacher' clothes only and have now been voted off the rack. What an opportunity! I need new clothes, and they can be anything I want them to be! I have a HUGE fabric stash and I have been working on it - but I have at least 20 years worth saved up. Not all of it is well suited to me. Some of it is just pretty in its own right. I need to be selective. Just because I like it doesn't mean it's meant for me. I did have my colours done. I know what looks good on short curvaceous figures. If I can just keep on track and focus on these parameters. Meanwhile I need clothes. I don't have as much to wear anymore, as there are piles not meant to be reracked. I'm working on a Little Black Dress that isn't black. My undies are looking good. I need tops, and cozy stylish ones at that.

What suits me?

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  1. That's such an important question for wardrobe planning - what suits me? It's even more so when sewing a wardrobe because you can't try on the garment until it is done (either in the muslin stage or the finished product).

    From personal experience, I'd say being "mature", thus having years of experience dressing myself, should help. But my mature figure is *not* the figure of youth, so I often feel like I am back to Square 1. Of course, with the added bonus of not wanting to look like either a) a cougar, or b) an old frump.