Monday, 21 November 2011

Sid's Back!

The Kid is back, and he's scored a goal already! I can't believe I have to stream this on my iMac. Why isn't this on TV? It's worth it just to see the NYI's tiptoe around him so carefully. No one wants to be THAT guy ever again. Oh, it seems that CBC has just seen the light and preempted some poor Canadian sitcom.

Lace class again today. I was the only pupil, and I accidentally arrived 30 minutes early. Way too keen, right? I learned to 'cover a pin' and unpick. You unpick in the exact manner you laced - but in reverse, just like running a film backwards. That really isn't easy to do. Gives you a headache. Thank heavens for M! She has the amazing ability to hold back for the exact right moment to step in with help. Never too soon or too late. As a former teacher (is a teacher ever 'former'?) I am in awe of her talent. As her student I am grateful.

And this is the result of 2 hours work. Well, actually more, as I wound my bobbins before class. I also made my bobbins using lollypop sticks, paper scraps and beads. I McGyvered them. So as you can see I am still on my training threads, but I am to order real thread this week. Woohoo!

D dropped in today. So good to see her! She is retired as well and has just sprouted rug hooking and felting abilities. Amazing work! It's so good to have the time to see projects through. Tomorrow we hit Mahone Bay to look at supplies. That town is well stocked with supplies. I'm on a spending moratorium currently, as I try to adjust to my pension cheque coming once a month. A month is a long time! I may have to take a moratorium on the moratorium. Sock yarn is calling to me.

Can you hear it? Seductive, isn't it?

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