Monday, 5 March 2012

The Sap is Running!

Yep. We have the buckets out and I need to clean the boiling pot. I have a new sugar shack this year, and as I am now 'free' during the day, I will be the main sugarer. I have much to learn. The gardening shed is all set up with the turkey fryer hooked to the propane. The steam is not good for an OTR microwave, we have discovered, so sap will be boiled in the shed. I'll need labels. The Urban Pheasant Sugar Shack. Henri the original Urban Pheasant is currently immortalized in a wind vane on top.

We have never fried a turkey, just for clarification.

We are back from the Dominican. Cayo Levantando is a wonderful resort on its own island. So relaxing! Relaxing is a learned activity and we seem to be getting better every year. I am a good bit brown now, and hope to maintain it until the summer pool time with the sisters. Last year I looked like the albino sister and it wasn't pretty. Why do people at a resort always greet the staff with the one word of Spanish they know (Hola!) but rarely great each other? Now in our case most of them spoke little English. There were 3 different grab and go libraries and only 3 English books in all of them. German chick lit looks just wrong.

I go to a Pilates class once a week but have been exercising at home. New gadgets help with this. Today I had an excellent round of hula hooping with my weighted hoop. Maybe my hips are just big enough to keep it up now, but up it stayed. I taped an old exercise mat to a plumbing pipe to make a roller. Works great and i saved $25. I've hooked a band to the bike for pulling. I also have some free weights. It's a routine I lack. That would focus me better. I'm working on it.

I have been sewing madly. I promise to post results next.

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