Monday, 18 June 2012

Button Holes

I got another buttonholer at Value Village today. I suppose 3 may be excessive, but this one is different! It's plastic and has more cams and some of those cams to make a bound buttonhole! I did leave a metal Greist one behind ($4.99 at Dartmouth VV) if you need one. These little puppies attach to your sewing machine and make perfect and identical buttonholes every time. I use mine on my straight stitch machines and love them.

Now the bound buttonhole happens by sewing the little box shape through the lip fabric and fashion fabric. Then you flip the flap inside, fold 2 lips and sew them down. The cams make the little box the same size every time. This is certainly one case of old ways being very worthwhile. Simple, reliable and consistent.

So this exciting day was brought to us by my sister, the one who has a birthday tomorrow and will then (along with her brother) be my age. For a month! This wasn't fun when we were little and bed times were age dependent. Now, it's the way we all remember how old we are. They ask me, I check with them. She needed company for an appointment and then we shopped VV and Guy Frenchy's. Some great finds were had by all. In my case a pink beaded purse and a red cashmere cardigan. She and I are different sizes, so if it wasn't for me it was often for her. Efficient, eh? I do try to school the sisters on how to reach into a pile and pull out the nicer natural fibres only. They're having limited success with this, but I continue to tutor.

By the way I am a WINNER! There is a great magazine here that showcases Atlantic books and authors. It's well written and opens you up to new things. I like it. It especially warms me up to the summer reading season. So, each edition they run a contest for a basket of books and I am the current WINNER! Look at my loot! Very handy arrival, as this is my first June when I won't be getting teacher presents, and those usually include many Chapters gift cards. A book buying trip always starts off my summer. Now it's done for me!

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