Thursday, 14 June 2012

Learning To Parlez

Well, OMG! I signed up for the Frenchy's Challenge at Sewing Guild. Explanation needed for those who don't live here. Frenchy's is a clothing store where clothing is often second hand or store rejects, sold from bins cheaply. You can find great things there. I have a lovely Armani dress for example, purchased for $4. Going to Frenchy's is an Atlantic Canadian activity and this term may be used even if the store is Not a Frenchy's. I prefer Guy Frenchy's, but now we are really getting into it.

The Guild sent off a shopper to buy clothing that was then placed in bundles by colour theme. You drew a bundle, unseen, as you were called up. I got picked last - the tension was just like junior high gym as you can imagine. I was sweating.

I got tan and I was not looking forward to the reveal. It lived up to my expectations - blah! Now to be fair, I think I was too excited and expecting far too much. However I am a natural fibre snob, and I'm looking at white polyester (undyeable) beaded with plastic. Time to give my head a shake and woman up to the occasion!

I threw it all in the wash and sadly it all survived that and the dryer too. I was forlorn and depressed. There are elephants on the black skirt, so it would be wrong to acknowledge this high point. There just weren't enough of them (elephants and high points both).

Off to bed. Bed is a nice place. Warm, cozy, cat sleeping on my head, husband tucked under my arm. All is peaceful. And then it happens!

 At about 3:30 am I realized how to solve the fabric dilemma! It won't be easy, but it will be fun. So now I feel much better and  as a reward I went off to Guy Frenchy's myself and got some great silk skirts to line a jacket.  

I feel much better!

No, I can't tell you my plans. You will have to wait with everyone else until the big reveal in October.


  1. What is the challenge? What do you need to make with your Frenchy's clothes? Good luck!
    I much prefer Guy's too!

    1. I need to create an outfit. It has to be worn in the reveal, and I can't have any help. I can do whatever I like to the clothes. They don't need to be recognizable in the finished product and they won't be if I get it right, I think.

  2. Fun, Like Project Runway!
    Do you have to use something from each piece given to you?
    Good Luck!