Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I am a rainy day sewer! It's been cold and wet here lately and I am in the sewing room being productive. I am supposed to have my Little Black Dress finished for a show and tell next Tuesday. Therefore I am avoiding. I cleaned the whole house, organized, made lace, did laundry and cooked. Then I finally went to the LBD and found a few other unfinished projects to help with the delaying. I now have a brown silk shirt and my 1912 slip is done. I even bought fabric for a shirt for DH. 

So finally I dug out the LBD parts and pieces. What was I thinking! The top has a million pieces of what I think is a rayon brocade. It's beautiful, but really unstable to work with. I underlined it with silk organza but have come to the conclusion that organza is a poor stabilizer during the sewing process. It does its best work after the sewing is done and it adds body. I have puckers at the bosom and no idea how to make those bias seams drape smoothly. It may come to drastic measures, as soon as I figure out what that may be.

I did add the shirt to the top. This does help it to hang properly. I am also now wearing my famous black lace bustier for fittings. Now I know why I needed one of those things! It smooths all my wiggles to the waist, and a fitted top looks more like it should. This dress will also need lingerie snaps, as it is off the shoulder and sleeveless. 

I have no idea how I will get a lining to fit. I've made so many alterations to the original pattern pieces that I have no reference for cutting out a lining. I have plans to use a knit for the top and do the skirt with something else. I pray for the forgiveness a knit may bring to the issue. Who knows? 

I am planning a lingerie rainy day. I need bras, panties and some nighties, etc. I think I will make a few longer bras. Something to smooth my wrinkles and I also find less of a band to be more comfortable. I'll let you know. Lingerie brings me to the news that Dallas is coming back to TV this summer! Remember Alexis in all those amazing teddies and silk slips? I'm ready for it. I have some sequined vintage items in the closet and also picked up some beaded belts at a recent rummage sale. Now for some shoulder pads! What did they drink back then? I seem to remember Bourbon, but that doesn't sound delicious or good looking. I'll keep searching for a drink. 

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