Saturday, 23 June 2012

Spidermen and Women

For the past 2 days I have been entertained on the back step by the birth of an egg sac of spiders. They seem to have been born on a roll of aluminum tape I put out to recycle. Now of course it stays until they no longer require it. Most of them have flown the coop, so to speak. But a resolute group remains 'in the nest'. They wander a few feet and then run back again to nap in a group. I check on them every few hours and they are always up to something.

I've been painting the house foundation wall. It's hard to do without injuring, killing or at least painting a few bugs. I hate that. I'm pro life when it comes to bugs. Considering the sheer number I'm up against on the house foundation, it hasn't gone as well as I usually like. I've found myself having a stern talk with me about my casual nonchalance regarding bug attrition during my painting. Sometimes you just need to slow down and remember what's important. I didn't, and now I feel regret. My little spiderlings are a good reminder. I promise to relocate slugs and lilly beetles with more care this week. There's plenty of yard for everyone, after all!

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