Tuesday, 10 July 2012

An Apple a Year

I am in Montreal and took advantage of the opportunity to visit the genius bar at the local Apple store. I took my phone, pad and an older pod that wasn't working. I so wish we had one at home. They are helpful and just have tons of neat bits of info. My pad was Immaculate! Isn't that good to hear? It's like hearing your child was polite! I have a picture of me and my genius but can't figure out how to get it loaded from within my iPad. If only I were back at the store. This means you'll also have to wait for pictures of the 5 sisters in matching bikinis and the amazing fabric steals I got! I have a new place to shop! It's good to have friends who know things. Now we are off downtown to explore. We take the train and the Metro. A good transit system is a joy.

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