Friday, 27 July 2012

Rocky Raccoon

I slept really well after the mouse attack. I needed a good amount of z's to make up for that night. It seems I also needed to prepare for last night.

One thing I do remember from mouse night is being woken up by DH earlier on to check on our 2 aged cats. He thought he heard scratching and little growls. Both cats were fine, nothing else seemed out of place, and we went back to sleep. Then the mouse attacked! You know the rest. Well not all the rest. It seems I wouldn't settle when he said he had gotten all the mice. I was only reassured when he told me Amy have gotten all the mice. She's the best mouser cat we have. I trust her.

Last night he wakes me up and I too can hear the scratching and tiny little growls. However this time they are coming from the bathroom window. Directly below is our green bin. He gets dressed and fetches the proverbial '10 foot stick' from the basement. The lid is raised, the bin is knocked on its side, and out peeks a raccoon! Finally I get to see a raccoon! I've previously just had the displays of garbage mess to tell me they exist. Oh, and once I heard a really bad fight in the trees out back. But I've never seen one.

Well I got to see two. After this guy finally crawls out he is joined by a larger racoon from around the side of the house and the two waddle off up the hill.

The green bin was pretty empty. Poor thing got in there somehow and fell right to the bottom. Now in hindsight (meaning I couldn't get back to sleep last night) I think he was in the green bin two nights ago as well. It was full then to overflowing. I had stocked up on weeds from the gardens. These were weeds I didn't want to compost. On top was a little chicken and the lid was not down tight. I may have been asking for it there, don't ya think? So I think those were the scratchings and growls from mouse night. I just hope the little guy wasn't in there long last night. I wonder who the other raccoon was? Mom? Sibling? Partner?

On a more amazing note, one of the aged cats and I went out to the patio to read a magazine and enjoy the sun. Percy is at the stage where a good sunning can be lovely on his old bones. I learn much from him. He sits on a well cushioned patio chair and sniffs the breeze before falling into light cat nap. I'm reading the latest edition of A Needle Pulling Thread. It's a great Canadian needle craft magazine that is well laid out and has a great variety of projects. If you haven't seen it, give it a try. It's at Chapters.

 Here's Percy. Note the green bin in the background.

So I'm enjoying the magazine when I hear a really loud buzzing close to me. I look up and there is a hummingbird not 2 feet from me, checking me out. I freeze and the little guy buzzes around me for a good 30 seconds before going off to the hosta bed. Amazing! It was like looking at a perfectly still bird with a blur where the wings should be. I was wearing a bright red polyester shirt. Now if that was the attraction, I may never take that ugly thing off! Percy slept right through it. I do wish I had his ability to sleep at times!

Tonight the Olympics kick off. I have my yarn and sewing projects ready. Ravelry knitting site often has challenges during sporting events. You start a project with the athletes and finish before the last medal is handed out. They just finished the Tour de Fleece I believe. There is a controversy over the name for this event. The US Olympic Committee sent them a cease and desist order as they planned to call it the Ravelympics. You can't use the Olympic word it seems. Well that would have been fine, but then the USOC went on to say it was degrading to the athletes to be associated with knitting projects. Ravelry is a huge site with over 2 million intelligent, opinionated and creative members. You can imagine the outcome! Now we are knitting in the Ravellenics. Whatever! I'll be finishing some socks and a baby sweater. So cute in a soft pink yarn! Also so little, so I should be able to get his done. I also have shirt and coat planned for the sewing project. DH just got the TV in the sewing room on the correct mode (yah!) and I have the CTV app on my iPad. I'm ready!

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