Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Mouse Attacks!

Have you ever seen the movie Mars Attacks? So worth it! Tom Jones sings to a bluebird and speckled fawn to cap it off. Everyone who is anyone is in it, and it spoofs so many things you can't possibly keep track.

But I digress. Last night I woke DH (but not myself) by getting up and searching my pillowcase for mice. He finally told me he got them all and I went back to sleep. I got the story this morning. Where the heck did this come from? I have a few thoughts. First of all when he got home last night I was soooo cranky! Took me a while to get that why down. I had been working on a Jalie pattern for a tennis skirt thing with attached pants. I ignored the stretch requirements (who needs 4 way stretch, really?) and the first attempt did NOT fit. I looked like an over ripe sausage in the green bin - ready to explode! To make matters just so much better my new cover stitch machine has it out for knits. I've tried what I know but I need help with that thing. In hindsight that kind of day was not the best background for greeting one's spouse. More a 'duck and cover' type of day.

But to get back to the mice in the pillow - the bad mood plus the weekend activities may have joined forces. DH was digging up a rubble pile (we have a few of those lying around) and felt what he thought was a spider inside his shirt. He stopped to dig it out but it travelled down his shirt, down his leg and then back up to his shirt. Mighty big and speedy spider, don't you think? He realized what was happening and grabbed the lump around his waist. It squeaked and he threw it (he says gently). The little mouse ran on his way. Now thank heavens he had his James Bond swim trunks under his pants! Their sleek fit may have saved us some serious problems!

So I think all of this May have led to the mice in the pillowcase. I'm not really sure, and I remember none of it.

So today the third try on the tennis skirt was a success. I like it! I haven't done a Jalie pattern before, but it was excellent. The instructions, the pattern paper, the diagrams - all made sense and worked well. I'm going to do more of those! However, next time I will pay attention to the stretch requirements. I just wanted to use stash the first time into it. Cute, eh? Perfect for walking in the park. I do find the waistband rolls as I sit here. Perhaps it will get an inner wide elastic lining next time.

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