Sunday, 15 July 2012

I am a very fast woman

I got home from a week in Montreal with my sisters yesterday and my DH announces that we are racing in a rally today. I've never actually driven rally before. I have driven track and I help at rallies, and I have driven parking lot rally sprints. Full speed rally over dirt roads in the woods is different. It's fast, cars do occasionally roll and the driver must work with the co driver to be able to travel at top speed. I was the Co Driver! I've always wanted to do this and worried about how I would do. The Co driver reads instructions to the driver as he/she drives full speed into blind corners. I was concerned about a lot of things. First of all I didn't know if I could read, keep an eye on the road and not throw up. Then you really have to give the instructions at exactly the right moment in the right spot. You need to 'keep calm and carry on'. You also need to ignore the fact that you're being driven at ridiculous speeds by someone other than yourself.

I did great! I loved it! I messed up a bit on instructions at times but we didn't go off the road and DH was pleased. We were working from instructions another driver gave us as I wasn't there yesterday to make up my own with Ron. I think it will go even better with our own wording and pacing. So now I think I'm a natural born co driver. I can't wait to do it again, and I think I'll be asked back. Too exciting for words!

We did well. DH got smoother at each turn. He hasn't driven rally himself in a long time and he so loves it. We were classed in the end as an 'exhibitionist' entry so we didn't get a prize. The prizes are these cute little brass plaques you can stick to your car dash. But our unofficial standing was 'outstanding'!

I have always enjoyed racing with the DH. We work well as a team I think. We have fun. The people we race with are great people and so supportive of each other. DH organizes the races and he does it so people can play and have fun. It's a huge commitment on his part, but he seems to find the rewards well worth the effort. If you have the ability to organize events and can do so for the right reasons, the rewards are huge. I'm so glad he sees this. He surrounds himself with people who also see this. They appreciate each other, and have a good time. What more could you ask for?
Here are some pics of us in our car. Ron is in red and that's the top of my head!

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