Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Closet For Me

For those of you who need to know, after 48 hours the spiderlings moved on to start their own lives. For those of you with adult children still at home, what can I say? Arachnids are 'da bomb'!

I'm looking for the real me. I often choose my wardrobe by what fabrics and colours appeal to me. Labels as well, let's be honest here. I want to sew most of my own clothes and I want to chuck almost everything I own and wear things that suit me, make me feel great and look attractive. Is this too much to ask?

I hope not.

So I have been taking pictures of me in things I wear. I'm getting some thoughts together, but I don't have a solid set of rules yet.

I did have my colours done and also had a consult on styles as well. That was about 20 years ago, but I still have the swatches. I have to say the colours tend to be the ones that get me compliments.

So here is me in a pink linen dress I loved making. The contrast piping and belt were fun and I topstitched the seams with a wing needle for a statement touch. It was the type of sewing I really like to do. The dress however does not do much for me. I do like to wear it and admire it, but really it's a bit frumpy.

Then I bought a Michael Michael Kors skirt ($4.50 at Frenchy's) and I like that. I bought it because of the great linen and neatly tucked away front pockets, but here it does seem to do good things for me. Perhaps because the colour is on the bottom and may be balancing out my top? Also the pink belt above seems to cut me in a bad spot and focus attention on my upper assets. Below I have an indent at the waist but the cut line is below.

So far what I'm seeing is that v necks are good and my skinny hips need to be fluffed a bit to balance my upper parts. My waist is OK but should be skimmed over lightly without a cut line. Perhaps a bit of a sleeve cap will help with the balancing act as well. What do you think?

Oh, and I have great legs. From the knee down, at least. And I need a haircut, as usual.

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