Saturday, 15 September 2012

Working Girl!

I got a job! Well, it's really more like I get to help out in a candy store, and they expect me to arrive and depart at a certain time. The local Pfaff dealer wanted someone for a day a week, and I was all over that. She has a great shop, with threads and fabric and notions and machines that go whirr and so much stuff! My head spins! So I figure it's exactly for me. A little mad money and a LOT of neat stuff to try and learn.

Oh. I might get to be helpful as well. Here's hoping on that part. Don't want to get fired from my first new job in 35 years. However I will be working with really nice people, so I hope they'll be able to keep me on track. I do get to pat the fabric (I saw linen!) and play with the machines. It's a perk, they say. Perks!

I think I'll need a whole new wardrobe. The working girl wardrobe. This could get very interesting. I think I'm going to be very happy there!

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