Thursday, 6 September 2012

We All Brake For Ducks

So today I'm on my way to Hfx, when I have to stop. If fact, traffic is stopped in both directions right there by the pond, as a large flock of ducks cross the street in the crosswalk. They're on their way back to the pond. Perhaps they were on their way back from dropping the ducklings off at school. Who knows, but they were most orderly. There actually is a 'Duck Crossing' sign on the road there. I grew up on the pond. Ducks cross frequently and with little regard for cars. I was impressed with their use of a crosswalk.

I was on my way to drop off a cheque for SCANS where I have registered for the class on dirt. For $135 I can take as many classes as I like. Some people take up to 5 classes a week! All taught by experts in their fields and lasting 6 to 12 weeks each. A steal, much more than a deal! And they changed the start time, allowing me to go to the library lunch time session on Atlantic Canadian literature. Now the new start time was due to a misprint and not me, but I did appreciate it.

Then I was off to a lecture by Niki Jabbour. I have her gardening book. It was excellent and she signed my book for me. Yah! On my out I collected some flower seeds that were basically jumping into my bag. Once you discover seed collection you get quite clever about it.

I'm working on a lining for my raincoat. It's not going well. However I have given this project enough time and I've decided to just get on with it. Other fabric is calling to me! Loudly!

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