Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Getting Busy

We got a great load of dirt today! My boy is very happy and digging up a storm. Gardening is a good hobby. I love to weed. Good thing, as I have an amazing crop of those. Everything smells spicy at this time of year. I love it! I have pumpkins growing, which I didn't know. I thought they were squash, although I do have them too. It gets confusing.

The beginning of fall is so exciting! It's time to sign up for things and check out new opportunities. We retired people have lots of those. Tomorrow I help with registration for the seniors college (SCANS). I want to sign up for the classes on soil. Looks promising.

I have the Wednesday afternoon movie schedule in my calendar. These are at the local library. I haven't seen The Artist and it's first. I have a felting class in September in Gaspereau and the knitting shops and sewing shops are putting out their class schedules.

My sewing, lace and basketry guilds are starting back up. I need to consider a schedule for my projects. I hate to neglect anything, and I have been. There are great people in each group, each group very different.

The library is having sessions on neat topics. They are also having a college course on Atlantic authors, but it conflicts with my dirt classes. Can't have that.

I also want to volunteer at my old school. I enjoy that. It's a completely different view of education, students and teachers. I get to relax and I am so impressed by what I see. Without any responsibility I can enjoy the wonderful things I see without worrying about the junk that comes with working there. Yum!

I also want to help more with the car racing. I also get behind the wheel next month, as well as make my second appearance as co driver.  Again it really sharpens you up to take on a new learning curve. How many years do we let things go on the status quo without taking a chance on something new? It doesn't need to be a big thing to perk you up.

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