Friday, 5 October 2012

All Stuck Up

So yesterday I tended to the fruit trees. We have a few little fruit trees and they had a buggy year, mostly because I refuse to spray and forgot to do the 'healthy' things you need to do in the cold, wet spring. As I spent the summer hand picking bugs each and every day, I probably won't forget again.

Who am I kidding? It will be cold and wet again next spring, so who knows?

But I did do the fall cleanup. First you wrap the trunk with a soft wrapping and then spread very sticky Tanglefoot over the wrapping. Bugs get caught as they go up or down. Then you spray some sulfur stuff (it's not a poison, or at least it's a natural poison) and then finally dig around the roots a bit. That's when I got into trouble. I think that may have been the wrong order to do things, seeing as the digging put my hair squarely in the Tanglefoot.

So today I shampooed with 2 servings of Goo Be Gone and followed with a chaser of 5 different regular shampoos. I'm ever so clean and fluffy now, let me tell you!

But none of this explains why or how I sewed a sleeve in upside down in the current project. However, if I held 1 arm up and 1 arm down, it did kind of work.

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