Monday, 22 October 2012

Former Day of Domesticity

I had my day of domesticity down to a science. Monday was the day to do the wash, house clean, buy groceries and run errands. It worked for me. Now I find things interrupt my domesticity and I need a new plan.

I volunteer at school Monday mornings now and it is really lovely. I get my needed dose of cute children and enjoy using what I know for good, rather than evil. I don't know how the evil thing would go, but the threat is out there.

The afternoon is not enough for me to get things done, and I seem to get distracted more easily. I was halfway through the kitchen debris today when the Met sent me an email to announce lots of PDF downloads I needed to get right away. They have loads of out of print books now available and there are great fashion books in there too.
is well worth a look people!

So now my house is only a little clean, and not so you would know for sure, and Tuesday is my day for Atlantic Lit class and dirt class. Tomorrow we test for ph! My soil sample is drying as we speak. Do I have the control needed to finish the clean Wednesday? Wednesday is far, far away.

I also have to clean the closet. I haven't trucked out the summer clothes yet. Each year when it gets just about that time, I start with the laundry. If I don't want to wear something again this season I just don't iron it. It goes in the pile. When the pile gets big enough, I complete the trade of summer clothes for winter. Everything needs to be ironed, of course. I consider each piece carefully. Is it worth the iron, or do I find it a new home? I plan to be ruthless this year. I always plan that way, but I really really want to mean it this year. I want to love all my clothes. Less would be fine, as long as I like them all.

Have you any suggestions?

And for those who keep asking if my Atlantic Lit prof is the famous Alexander MacLeod - well, who knew? I didn't, and he is. Take a look. I believe I mentioned the eye candy? I don't even pay for this!

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  1. Is it worth ironing? That is such a terrific criteria for cleaning out the closet... I love it!!
    Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog, that one really made my day! Thank you!