Sunday, 1 December 2013

A word from the Great P. Always carry a candy in your purse - in case of emergency, and you might need one to stave off cannibalism.

I prefer Robertson's candies. They are locally made and remind me of Christmas. When I was young it was a true treat to get one of their barley candy moulded toys in your stocking. They also make the best chicken bones! Lately I pick up their regular candies at Superstore in the natural food section. They're huge, $2 and excellent. Excellent for staving off cannibalism.

I decided to give myself a pedi last night. After a lovely soak and scrub I trimmed and buffed. Then I sat back. Ooops. My back wasn't ready for that and now I am feeling the pain. Oh the pain! No Pilates for me today. This is why we have professionals to handle these tasks. Pedis that is. I have to do my own Pilates it seems.

Update on the Pfaff. It's off to the shop because it started to clunk. The more a machine will do, the more sensitive you have to be to its needs. When it coughs, you see a professional. Sadly, as I am considered staff, my machine goes to the bottom of the list. I have panties to embroider for Christmas!

I've been cutting out quilt pieces lately. I set up a table in the TV room so DH can keep me company. I have 2 quilt tops ready for quilting and 3 more being cut. It's not my fault. There was a fabric sale, and it was excellent. And then there are all those lovely patterns! If you want fun (and a duck that quacks) watch Missouri Quilt Company on youtube. Jenny does a fab job of teaching quick and cute quilts. For a bit of her sense of humour, watch this video. It is hysterical!

I like traditional quilts, but what I'm working on currently are more modern. I want to practice up before I get to really complicated piecing. Meanwhile I seem to be assembling a stack worthy of the Princess and the Pea. I may bring my treadle down to the TV room for piecing.

This quilting is not at all like garment sewing. It doesn't really require the same thought all through the project. The quilt colour selection and pattern decision is intense, but after that it's pretty much cut and sew. Then there are quilting decisions to be made, but then it's back to sewing. With garments you have to think and check and rethink all the way through.

Well, anyway. I can see me separating these two activities into two spaces. They are two different frames of mind. I can see me parking an Airstream in the driveway soon. Hmmmm....

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