Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Little Card Holder Wallet

This quick sew is perfect for holding gift cards, or all those customer appreciation cards you don't want cluttering your wallet.

You need a template to trace around. I am not giving you the template. Mine is about 6" wide and about 8 "tall. Take some paper about that size and fold the top part down to make a flap. Give the flap a shape and perhaps trim a waist indent where you turn the flap down. When you are happy with the shape, trace it onto cardboard or template plastic. Mark a line on the template where you want the top card pocket to land. I have lowered the line on mine about an inch since I made this template. You don't want the pockets too big.

First, get a selection of lightweight scraps. They should be at least 6" wide.

Remember. The joy of this wallet is that nothing gets trimmed until it is sewn together. It will look messy. Very messy indeed!

You need a front and a back. You also need 3 pocket dividers. I use 5 different scraps.

Trace the pattern on the wrong side of one of the pieces. I use a pen. This piece usually ends up as the outside layer. This line is the stitching line. Do not cut it out.

Trace the top part of the template (above the marked line) onto some fusible interfacing. Use one with a bit of body. Cut it out and fuse it inside the traced outline.

This interfacing looks wonky, but it's just the camera angle.

Cut 3 card pockets. They need to be at least 6" wide. They need to be a minimum of 6", 7" and 8" tall. Again, none of the pieces need to be trimmed or exact.

Fold the card pocket pieces in half, right side out and press.

Arrange the pockets from short to tall, about 1/2" apart.

Lay down the unmarked (green) outer piece of fabric right side up. This should end up being the inside of the wallet. Place the card pockets face up on the fabric. Lay the interfaced outer fabric (red) face down on the card pockets, with the top of the pockets in line with the interfacing edge.

Stick a pin or two in place. Sew through all layers starting just below the top left corner and ending just below that point - about 2" below it. This gives you a small hole through which to turn the wallet.

Finally you get to trim! Trim through all layers closely, rounding in at the corners. Leave the opening seam allowance a bit larger.

Turn the wallet right side out. If the pockets seem inside out, just flip them to the other side. Press. Sew the opening shut by hand, or topstitch the flap and catch the opening then. Add a closure and you are done!

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