Wednesday, 11 December 2013


I needed to put buttonholes in my little wallets. I went to my Pfaff 2048 as my Pfaff CV is at the spa. I got out the book and set up for buttonholes. After more than 30 minutes I was not ready to throw it through the window, but close.

The buttonhole stitch was too wide. The memory for length wouldn't set. The stitch got bound up. I needed 10 identical buttonholes, and this was not doing it.

Off to my faithful Featherweight and Singer buttonholer. Oh faithful! Why did I ever abandon you?

Look at this darling! I threw 30 wt thread in the top and 50 wt thread in the bobbin. Imagine! Not even a burp. I screwed on the attachment and popped in a cam that seemed to be about right. Those cams are a thing of beauty. They spit out identical buttonholes till the cows come home.

Previously I made a strip of sample buttonholes so I could check buttons for size. As the cams never vary or fail me, that's all I need. You can set stitch width and density with two little switches on the side. You can go round and round the hole if you like.

And look how pretty! The 30 wt is a bit beefy. But the buttonholes are thin and lovely - with a good centre space for cutting. Give me old technology any day. It's so smart.

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