Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Girls

I have been on  Christmas sewathon,  and the girls are part of that. This project turned out better than I had hoped! It's from the Pellon website, and the girls keep your buns warm. They are sitting on their bread baskets.

Get your minds out....

There are two bound holes under the wings. I assumed they were for letting the steam out, but the Greta P though they were for getting out buns without cooling off the left behinds. Again, that's why she's the Great P. You use one of those thermal battings to underline the hen, and quilt the layers together. I like to have my lining seams hidden inside, so I quilted the outer layer to the thermal lining  first and added the lining before I cut the wing holes and bound all layers together. I free motion quilted hen feathers. Very impressive of me, if you don't count doing the second hen in the wrong direction - giving her a ruffled look. Oops.

Now, when the meal is over you pop the hen off the buns and pop her over the teapot. Multi tasking hens. A woman's work is never done.

I've decided to make myself some kitchen things. Obviously I need a hen of my own. Then I'm thinking an apron and oven mitts. I have a table runner that uses these vivid fruit and vegetable prints, so I'm planning to use more of these.

I couldn't come up with a hen print in the fruits and veges, although I did find a great bread print for the basket. We did just get a wonderful brown batik at the store that has a perfect feathery print. I'll use that for the hen and also to unite the collection. Some hot mats and napkins and placemats would be useful.

I also like the idea of oven mitts that have washable covers. Therefore I'll need seasonal covers to suit my whimsy. Now, where can I get a birthday print for July?

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