Saturday, 14 June 2014

Going Sewing/Sewing Going

The Atlantic Sewing Guild had a 3 day retreat recently. It was 3 glorious days of eating and sewing with friends. Social sewing is the way to go!

I made a squirrel! I see a lot of cute stuffed animals like this used to show off modern fabric prints. They make nice fun decor items. Stay ahead of the trends, people. The pattern for this came from a Burda Style magazine. The Great P got it for me!

I made a shirt for DH! Now I've made him things before, and he always likes that. He never wears anything I make him, but he appreciates the effort.

This shirt is the Negroni shirt by Collette, and he loves it! He likes the fit and the way it looks, and went off to the sewing room to find more suitable fabrics. Amazing! I think he needs a 'sway back' adjustment. I hate that term. It implies (to me) that an arch in the back is not normal. Anyway, he needs a little adjustment there and the fit will be even better.

This is a great little organizer I saw at a Pfaff gathering and loved. The instructions were a bit confusing but it went together very well and I'll be making more. It's called Pockets To Go by Atkinson Designs. I'll also try to get the fabric orientated correctly next time. The cowboys are all sideways!

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