Monday, 23 June 2014


I won a Clover thingy, and you know how much I love new notions! I can't wait till it arrives. I lost my bamboo point turner and had to borrow one at the last retreat. This one looks like it has features! I'll let you know. Clover puts out a lot of things. I subscribe to their blog so I can see what's coming up.  They give a detailed description of how to use each tool. Often you see uses that way you'd never think of on your own. Sometimes they have giveaways - and you get a new toy!

Now, don't go there. This is the second toy I have won from Clover. I don't need your competition!

DH and I went to Acadia University yesterday and toured the Irving Gardens. They are amazing! If you have an interest in native NS plants and a beautiful setting, drop in any time. The garden is always open. It's well laid out and there are lots of labels. I'm a label reader. They do give a tour on the weekends. We were the only ones. I don't remember talking that fast when I was that young. She knew her stuff and was most pleasant, but wow! Could she talk!

No, he did not wear the new shirt yet. I may remind him of that this week.

I finished a new dress and cozy top lately and I don't have pictures. I'll get right on that and post. I do need to adjust the sleeve openings in the dress. I try to balance my bust and my shoulders, but if I leave the 'above bust' area too wide, the armholes cut into me as the day goes on. I will rescoop and then show you the 'before and after'. Maybe some of you will have suggestions.

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