Saturday, 14 June 2014

Room To Breathe

I think I have the sewing room somewhat under control. There are still boxes on the floor and bags stuffed in spots and UFO's in the bedroom, but I'm ready to move forward. And I did. I am currently finishing a dress from our guild 'sewing going' weekend and stitching out the remaining blocks for my Oh La La quilt. The dress inseam pockets need to be moved up. As I put them there in the first place, I have only my own poor judgement to blame. Just how tall do I think I am? The quilt blocks are going well and almost finished.

 This is my Pfaff Creative Vision. It has its own table and window.  Sometimes it embroiders over there, all on its own! The floss drawers stacked up nearby hold trims and threads.

 Here my Pfaff 2048 and Juki serger occupy their own customized spaces. Home Depot cut 2 holes in a countertop for me and finished the edges. DH added a shelf underneath each machine and sat the countertop on 3 lower kitchen cabinets. Then he added upper cabinets above. There is a strip of fluorescent lighting under the upper cabinets. The magnetic strip holds tools close at hand. The little ironing board sits where the Singer Featherweight usually sits. It's currently off to a workshop with a friend. I did once have a piece of plywood covered with wool and canvas as an ironing board top for my cutting table. I liked that a lot and may return to that. 

 The upper cabinets are full and stacked on top as well. I leave notes to myself on the doors. Here's my Singer treadle. I use it to piece quilts from time to time. What a lovely straight stitch!  
Here we have my open fabric storage. The linens, silks and fine wools are in closed shelving on another wall.  Under the cutting table are drawer units from Ikea. I keep buttons, elastics and bra findings here. I need a label maker.


 I have my own patterns drawers that hold patterns ('natch), serger threads and more trims. My dress form is almost my size. The measurements are right, but the lumps aren't all in the right place yet. It's a work in progress.

 Here are some of my vintage patterns, machines and purse fabric storage. The closet stores big and bulky items, and also has a staircase to the attic, and more storage. 

 I love my cutting table. It has an extension (not currently in) and is a tall table. It's 5 x 5' and was meant to be bar height. These aren't in style anymore, so look for a cheap one. I bought my cutting boards with a 50% off coupon and a teacher present gift card at Michael's. Some parents know you so well!

So, yes indeed - my sewing room is tidier and more organized. I will continue to mess it up but will also be looking for better ways to store things. The best way to do that would be to get those unfinished projects under control. If I can just keep the squirrels under control!

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