Tuesday, 24 June 2014

We Turn for Turtles!

So we drop the truck off for service and are driving home when....

I snap out directions for u-turning at the next driveway and the DH executes turn beautifully. There was a HUGE turtle (???) strolling the gravel parking at Red Bridge Pond! S/he was huge! We thought snapping turtle, but perhaps you have another call?

With the greatest respect for such an awesome beast I whipped out the phone to get pictures as we tried to determine where it was headed. It wasn't going anywhere with us watching, it seemed, so we took stronger measures. I hate to interfere but the road is really busy there, and Lake Banook is probably not the better choice for a peaceful locale. DH bravely picked the beast up and carried it to the pond edge. It snapped and wiggled hard all the way! Those jaws could do some real damage!

Water seemed to pour out of its shell as it was carried. That's what DH says. I think DH was being anointed. All is fair in love and war, after all.

DH is just disappointed I didn't get a video for YouTube. I've ruined his potential 15 minutes of fame and glory!

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